Designed to be fun and engaging, the content-rich activities are based on the Museum's renowned art and science collections and engage students in learning that will enhance their academic skills.


Educator Activities

Edward Hopper
House by the Railroad, 1925
, Oil on Canvas
, The Museum of Modern Art

Students will be examining a series of paintings that highlight America’s change into an industrial society, full of machines, factories, and pollution.

Frederic Edwin Church, 
Twilight, “Short Arbiter ‘Twixt Day and Night,” 1850, 
Newark Museum Collection 56.43

Students will look at three Hudson River Valley paintings, read and write about pertinent essays from the time and view part of the documentary National Parks:  America’s Best Idea.

Minetta Good, At the Country Auction, 1935

This Lesson uses pieces from the Newark Museum to enhance students understanding of the Great Depression and Great Recession. 


Louise Nevelson, 
Sky Presence II, 1960, 
Newark Museum Collection

By viewing pieces of artwork by students will discover how math is incorporated into artwork.


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